Crispin's Rose Liqueur

Vinfication of 900 gallons of a mixture of 89% apple juice and 11% honey took place at the Parducci Winery. When fermentation was complete we trucked the material to the Distillery 300 gallons at a time.

The distillation was performed during over a five day period to make our eau-de-vie. I supervised the process closely to achieve the ideal flavor, assisted by my wife Tamar.

Harvesting roses has been wonderful. Blending for Crispin's Rose a simple joy. The roses have been infused in the eau de vie, then they are gently pressed in our 30 litre basket press that is only used for roses! The EDV has a full caramel character in the nose with obvious apple tones, this plays so well with extraction of roses we have achieved.

The color in the glass is only from the roses themselves, NO other coloring has been added.

Crispin Cain

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