Greenway founders Crispin Cain and Tamar Kaye

Crispin Cain, President

For more than 20 years Crispin has worked in Mendocino County's best wineries. During the years he spent as assistant to Hubert Germain-Robin, at the distillery, quality has always been the focus. In his spare time he has always managed to make ales, meads, and liqueurs at home.

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Crispin's Bio

Crispin Cain was born December 20, 1962, in Santa Maria, California. His parents are educators and journalists, with too many masters degrees among them to count.

Before entering his career in wine and spirits, Crispin spent two years as a VISTA volunteer in the Peace Corps, as well as two years with Cooper Labratories in their Plasma Kinetics Division assembling power supplies for metal vapor lasers. While working for Cooper he took a second job, at the now defunct Villa Armando Winery, Pleasanton, California. This was in 1984.

By 1987 Crispin had moved to Mendocino County California. While attending the local community college to study accounting and business law he met Mr. Bryan Zell. Fortunately for Crispin, Bryan befriended him, they have much in common, Bryan was employed at Hidden Cellars Winery, Crispin was able to land his first seasonal job during crush! Thank you Bryan Zell!!!!

Crush led to cellar work, which led to other small wineries, Duncan Peak, Parsons Creek, Jepson, to name a few. The call came in 1989, from Alambic, Inc, asking if he would come to interview with Hubert Germain-Robin at the distillery. Crispin was elated and jumped at the chance to learn such a craft.The work was demanding, quality always the focus. He was assistant to the Brandy Master.

In 1991 Crispin was employed at the Gabrielli Winery untill 1995. He was assistant winemaker and assistant to the Treasurer of the winery with a part time office upstairs.

In 1997 Crispin went back to work at the distillery where now they employed two assistants. In the year 2000 Crispin seriously injured his back while working at the distillery. This forced him to rearrange his life a bit. The accident happened in February, by August the idea for Crispin's Rose had come to light. He began to make prototypes.

Crispin thought of making the Crispin's Rose commercially, but how, he is disabled? He appealed to his friends for help and they came through! Greenway Distillers was incorporated in 2005. Crispin is President and Brandy Master. Our first release was on September 15, 2007, about 95 cases of Crispin's Rose Liqueuer, now appreciated world wide as a rare treat.

Tamar's Bio

Tamar Kaye is a Native of Mendocino Co. California. She has pursued a life of Gardening and Art. She has been gardening since she was a child. Horticultural studies started at a hands-on Job at Emandal Family camp & Farms in 1991. She then was influenced by the Biodynamic French intensive method while working at Wildfree. 1992-1993.

She has been a professional gardener since 1994, having worked privately for years then moved to a 55 acre retreat owned by non-profit organization with an acre garden/orchard to care for, from 1996-2008.

Today, Tamar is Vice President and Director of the Rose/ Herb farm for Greenway Distillers, Inc., as well as being the assistant to the Master Distiller Crispin Cain. She has been Crispin's apprentice since 1994, when they created essential oils from herbs and water. She has a beautifully trained palate and a wonderful talent for creating the finest of yummy things.

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