The Still

If one is familiar with the story behind Germain-Robin Brandy, then you know some of this story. The still we are using is the same one that was used to make G-R. In 1981 Hubert Germain-Robin and Ansley Coale (President of the company that makes G-R), went to Cognac to buy this 1250 litre still that sat idle in a barn next door to the place where Hubert grew up. As a child he played in the barn with other kids. The pot itself is old enough that it had a hole in it from when the tax laws changed in the 1790's. You paid or they disabled your still. This one sat disabled for centuries.

The style of the still is called "Charetais" and this pot could have been made as early as 1650. The traditional double distillation process of Cognac has not changed for about five centuries. The only improvement has been gas burners. This has added more control than burning coal, peat, or oak.

At one time in Cognac France it was common for every farmer to have a still to distill the small lot he grew. The big Cognac houses would come each year and buy the best. By selecting from hundreds of different farms the Brandy Master achieves a consistant blend year after year that represents the region.

Greenway Distillers is a small farm of roses. We distill much like those small farmers did, for about two weeks out of the year.

We at Greenway Distillers highly reccomend you seek out Germain-Robin Brandy as well as Crispin's Rose Liqueur.

Crispin Cain, President

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